Why Jute is “The Golden Fibre”?

What is “Golden Fibre”?

To me Jute is the eighth wonder of the world. A vegetable based fibre plant, produced from the skin of the plant, jute is most versatile and a real gift from mother nature to mankind. Two varieties of jute Tossa and White Jute have both being cultivated in the “Ganges Delta” region of Indian subcontinent for centuries.


White jute was cultivated even 400 years ago and made into clothes, ropes and twines. But Tossa jute is silkier and stronger than the White Jute and was being used to make cheap packaging from around 200 years ago. It is the Tossa jute which is termed as the “Golden Fibre” due to its silkier appearance.


Properties of Golden Fibre

To me Jute is as valuable as gold due to its following properties:

· 100% biodegradable

· Jute fibre is very strong

· Fine texture, and resistance to heat and fire

· Jute can merge with the soil and makes it more fertile

· Can be made into wide range of daily use products.


Contribution from Eastern Thread Mill

At Eastern thread Mill we are continuously trying to create newer and newer products from jute. Not only jute shopping bags, we make table clothes, cushion covers, curtains, gift bags, laptop bag, school bags, fashion bags, back packs, table runner, trays, in house planters and more. We hope to create a community harnessing this magic fibre. Jute mixed with cotton, termed as Juco gives extra durable, hardy and flexible fabric that lets us produce varied products and print intricate designs.


           Jute yarn