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Why I decided not to use straws at all plastic or paper?


Plastic straws will be out from our lives this year as most of us voted a ban on plastic straws in UK which will come into effect in 2020. Paper straws are very much an in thing now. But I decided not to use straws at all plastic or paper. Read this blog to know why?

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jute wine bags


How many times we buy an expensive bottle of wine as gift to our loved one and wonder how best to hand it to him or her. We end up buying a paper wine gift bag which invariably suffers a very short life span. As soon as the bottle is taken out the paper, bag goes straight to bin. How can we buy a wine gift bag that can last forever?

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Reduce Reuse Recycle


Single use items are a norm now. From clothes, carry bags to electrical gadgets and white goods. We throw everything away once they break or even if they are out of fashion.

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5 stunning ideas how to decorate your rustic wedding venue with Jute


Decorating wedding venue with more environmentally friendly decorations is very much an in thing now. See how can you crate that magical effect with most sustainable and environment friendly material Jute or Burlap.

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Our inspiration for handprinted personalized jute bags


Jute bags are functional, but they do not have to be bland and boring. Jute is the most versatile material used for packaging and easily it can be turned a lot more interesting than we thing.

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