Pure Cotton Upcycle Saree Patchwork Kantha Stitch Kantha Quilt Warm Wrap hand stitched Reversible Throw King Size 280 x 230 cm



Pure Cotton Kantha Stitch Patchwork Kantha Quilt

Perfect light throw for any weather

Non quilted. Entirely hand stitched with layers of upcycled cotton saree patches

Kantha made this way becomes durable and lasts for life

Each pattern is unique. But every kantha has smaller rectangular patchwork made from different sarees on one side and non patchwork sarees joined up on the other side. 

Kantha dispatched might not have exact pattern as in the mages, but they will follow same patchwork work with handstitched kantha stitch.

Encouraging reuse and recycle, the kantha can be upcycled again into pillow covers, or any other household utilities

The colour in naked eye will look faded as the patches are from upcycle sarees. Light is used to take the image above. 

Large Size. 9.16 FT (L) X 7.58 FT (W)

Versatile use. Make it Sofa Cover, Pet basket spread, Bed Spread, Cot Spread, Throw. Reversible.